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Making an Appointment


Clover Fork Clinic provides quality healthcare in Evarts and Harlan on your time. We will do our best to schedule an appointment at your convenience. If you wake up feeling sick, please call right away. Most of the time, we'll be able to schedule an appointment with your doctor for the same day.

When you call, please tell the receptionist all of your symptoms and concerns. We want to make sure we schedule enough time for a thorough exam.

We do accept walk-in patients but these visits are usually worked in as availability allows. If you can't keep your appointment, please let us know 24 hours ahead of time. When one patient cancels an appointment at the last minute, it often means another patient will miss the opportunity to be seen as well.

Please call us 2 – 4 weeks ahead of time for check-up appointments including sports physicals, well child visits, annual well woman exams, and physical exams. Since these appointments take longer, we limit the number of available spaces per day.


Talking to a Doctor


During normal business hours, please call our office. We have a nurse available in the Evarts Office to assist with most of your needs.  If she is unable to help then she will take a message and your doctor or a nurse will return your call.

Sometimes it may take 2 to 3 hours for us to call you back. Our doctors and nurses return calls between patient exams, during lunchtime, or even at the end of the day.

If you have an urgent situation, please tell us, and we'll make sure you speak to someone or your call is returned right away.

After hours, you may reach your doctor at (606) 505-0462. A nurse will assess your situation, determine the best course of action and contact your doctor if necessary. We answer all calls within the hour and usually much sooner. Please call during evening and weekend hours only when you have a problem that won't wait until the next business day.

It's easier for us to help you with most things, including prescription refills, during normal business hours.


Refilling Your Prescriptions at Clover Fork Clinic Pharmacy


Clover Fork Clinic has an on-site pharmacy inside our Evarts location and it makes filling your prescriptions fast and easy.

To refill a prescription, please call us during normal business hours and have the Rx # or name of your medicine. It's best to give us a call 3 – 4 days before you run out of your medication.

Sometimes it takes up to 24 hours for your doctor to approve your refill and your nurse to pass it along to the pharmacy.

Sometimes our pharmacy can't fill a prescription until an insurance company gives the okay, and that can often take a few days.


Getting Your Test Results


Clover Fork Clinic notifies our patients about any abnormal test results.

It's very important for us to know your current telephone number and have a reliable way to get in touch with you.

If your test results mean you need to change your medication or your diet, a nurse will call you to schedule an office visit.

If we receive any life threatening test results, your doctor will call you immediately.

If you'd like to talk to someone regarding your test results, please call our receptionists and leave a message for your nurse to call you with your results.  You may also access our Webview Portal.  Call our receptionist if you need to sign up for the portal.

Paying for Your Visit


Payment for all patients is due at the time of service.

Clover Fork Clinic accepts most major forms of insurance. We accept Medicare (including Medicare Part D cards for prescriptions). Additionally, for your convenience, we accept cash, checks, and debit or credit cards.

The Clover Fork Clinic believes that quality health care shouldn't depend on your level of income.

If you think you might qualify and are interested in enrolling in the Sliding Fee program, we invite you to make an appointment to meet with one of our friendly office staff.

We'll ask you some questions about the number of people in your household and your household income. We will also ask to see some verification of your income--documents like paycheck stubs, your letter from Social Security/ Disability, your long form from the Food Stamp office, or a copy of your bank statement.


Financial Assistance


The Clover Fork Clinic is a not for profit organization committed to improving the lives of our patients. A sliding fee scale/discounted payment schedule is also available.

Patients interested in enrolling in the discount program meet with the office staff at one of our locations and complete a short questionnaire regarding your household (number of people, income, etc.)

The discount program is based on the number in household and family income.

To receive the discount, the patient will need to provide verification of income.

Clover Fork Clinic accepts the following documents as proof of income (documents for entire household):

  • Paycheck Stub

  • Letter from Social Security/Disability

  • Food Stamp Office document(s)

  • Copy of Check/Bank Statement


Other documents may work, but please ask our office staff about specific requirements.

The discount level is based on the income and number of family members in the household. There are five discount levels for medical services.

Although we do provide a discount for services, Clover Fork Clinic is NOT a free clinic. We do expect and require payment at the time of service in both of our clinics, as well as our pharmacy.

For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, and debit/credit cards.

Patient interested in signing up for the discount may complete the Sliding Fee Form and bring it, along with proof of income, to their appointment. The patient should give the form to the receptionist so that the patient can meet with our office staff during the visit.

Patient Portal

See our receptionist today to sign up for our convenient patient portal

This portal will allow you to access your medical information in a secure and confidential manner.  

Telehealth\TeleVideo Appointments

Clover Fork Clinic offers the option for Televideo appointments to its patients as a way to assist those with difficulty traveling to and from their appointments.  Televideo appointments can be accessed using the patient portal as well as through text and email.  Please speak with a receptionist for additional information.

Employment Opportunities

The Clover Fork Clinic is continuously seeking energetic individuals who are committed to changing people’s lives and making our community a better place to live.  If you are qualified and are interested in joining our family, please fill out an application.  Applications can be submitted online or dropped off at our Evarts or Harlan offices.


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Employment Opportunities
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