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LINKS-------Info Sheet, Facebook link,  Patient Portal link, Kentucky Mountain Health Alliance (partner)


Maps of clinic locations


(1)----View a printable Clover Fork Clinic information sheet. - Information Sheet

(2)----Facebook page link -

(3)----Patient Satisfaction Survey - Patient Satisfaction Survey

(4)----Sliding Scale Fee Form - Sliding Fee Application Form

(5)----Patient Portal Signup Form - As a patient of Clover Fork Clinic, your customized care is supported by our electronic medical record                             system. It all starts with your personalized electronic medical record. This information can be accessed by providers at any Clover                             Fork Clinic facility through our secure internal network. The system also allows you to access your personal medical records and test                       results anytime, from anywhere by simply connecting to your personal account on our online system. In addition, you can request                               appointments and prescription renewals, as well as communicate with your providers through this private, secure, and easy to navigate                   patient portal. To sign up please contact the clinic to have your access email sent to you.

(6)----Patient Portal Link -

(7)----Patients who do not have certain types of health care coverage or who are not using certain types of health care coverage can request a                   Good Faith Estimate. Please see link for additional information: Good Faith Estimate

Clover Fork Clinic welcomes you to leave a review on our Facebook page or email us at so we can learn more about your experience.  We also welcome you to send a positive message for one of our team members by sharing a good experience you have had.




At Clover Fork Clinic, we never lose sight of the fact that we exist to serve our patients. Every patient who walks through the door is greeted with respect and genuine concern. We want to make sure our patients understand the policies followed in our office so that everyone fully benefits from our services without confusion.




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